Naturopathic Ayurvedic treatment

  • first appointment: 50,-€
  • each further appointment: 40,-€



If you are unable to attend the scheduled appointment, please cancel at least 30 hrs in advance. Appointments not cancelled in time will be charged with 20 Euro. Payment of the treatment fee is preferably in cash.


Heilpraktiker fees are billable under supplementary insurance and private health insurance. Upon request, we will prepare an invoice according to the German Fee Ordinance for Non-Medical Practitioners (GebüH), which you can submit to your health insurance company.

Ayurvedic massage

  • 60 min. (55 min + 5 min rest) 48,-€
  • 80 min. (75 min + 5 min rest) 65,-€

Shirodhara – forehead oil pouring

75 min. (65 min + 10 min rest, herbal tea) 85,-€

Nasia – Nose treatment

  • 3-ticket (each approx. 30 min.) plus anamnesis (4 appointments in total) 138,-€
  • 5-treatment card (approx. 30 min. each) plus anamnesis (6 appointments in total) 208,-€

Netra Basti – Eye treatment

Anamnesis (prescription for internal use) as well as herbal extracts and medicated ghee for 15 Netra Basti treatments for self-administration: 108,-€

Detoxification cure

  • eight-day cure 105,-€
  • ten-day cure 420,-€

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