Ayurvedic and naturopathy view

Psoriasis is a frequently present skin disease in our surgery.
There is a good reason behind it:
The conventional medicine describes it as a non curable disease. The treatments they offer seem to be very limited.

  • external through ointments and irradiation
  • internal through cortisone and Vitamin D

Description as per modern science

Psoriasis is a long-lasting autoimmune disease which is characterized by patches of abnormal skin. These skin patches are typically red, itchy, and scaly.

Description as per Ayurveda

Due to the improper diet and life style the Tridoshas (predominantly Pitta) and Aam (toxins) gets aggravated and influence the blood and increases the Heat. The immunity is also reduced due to these factors due to which it affects the deeper tissues of the body like the skin, muscles, and lymphatic system (rasa dhatu).Due to this there is formation of inflamed raised plaques that shed constantly, itching, and dryness.

Therapy due to Ayurveda

In our clinik experience we can always find an aggravated Pitta (fire) and Aama (toxins).
We can easily find it out in reading the puls of the patient.
So wie have to reduce the heat and the toxins (Aama ) in the system.
We also found out that there is mostly a big stress factor in the patients life.

Therapy pillars:
– Balancing of the doshas, especially the heat.
– Reducing of Ama (toxins, blood purifying).
– Reducing of stress.

To accomplish this we have to give certain herbs for the internal taking.
Lifestyle and feeding habit is also important. Ayurveda can help to reduce stress with certain external treatments like shirodhara and heartdhara.
All in all it is a long term treatment to get betterment and discipline of the patient is necessary. But to see patients improving is a common picture in our field.

Ayurvedic home remedy
1 tsp cator oil with warm water daily at night.
take 2 tsp tulsi juice daily in the morning.
take cow ´s ghee 1 tsp with milk daily.
Black current 10 -15 soak over night and take it in the morning.

Deeper healing
If we want a deeper success we have to treat each patient individually und with a composition of herbs which have the power to go deep into the system and to the root cause of the disease.

Shirodhara and heartdhara (both are external treatments) will balance the hormonal System, nerval System and reduce the stress.
All in all it is a long term treatment. The patience and determination of the patient is needed to reduce the symptoms or even to disperse the skin appearances. This is very much possible. To have such an success a detox treatment for three weeks will be also necessary to remove the toxins.