Pulse diagnosis

Insight into current imbalances and blockages

The pulse diagnosis allows a deep insight into the inner process of the sick person in a few seconds. It reveals the imbalances on a physical, mental and emotional level. It exposes the blockages that lead to deterioration. Classically, pulse reading is at the center of diagnosis in Ayurvedic therapy.

In today’s medicine, only a few know about this art. Even in Ayurvedic education it is hardly taught. Ultimately, it can only be learned through years of practice in close cooperation with a master of pulse reading.

The masters of pulse diagnosis from Eastern medicine can detect almost all diseases by means of pulse sensing. However, this ability requires many years of experience and the favor of a teacher who can impart this ability. I have found such a teacher in Dr. Naram from Mumbai. After practicing daily in his clinic for almost three months, I got an introduction to and a first foundation in this art. This was followed by 10 years of traveling to this clinic every year. The pulse diagnosis gives me very important information for the therapeutic approach.

Dr. Naram ‘s path to becoming a master of pulse reading

Dr. Naram himself found his master in Skri Baba Ramdas, who, at the age of over 100, treated 80 patients daily in perfect health. His sparkling energy, the alertness and love he radiated fascinated Dr. Naram and he wanted to be his disciple. Until Sri Baba Ramdas accepted him as a disciple, 100 days passed, during which Dr. Naram came daily and asked to become his disciple. Before the Master passed away, he called Dr. Naram to him, gave him the care of all the millennium-old Ayurvedic scriptures, handwritten in Sanskrit on parchment scrolls. And he gave him the Master role to carry on the tradition of the unbroken Siddha Veda lineage. Immediately after this conversation, Sri Baba Ramdas departed this life.