Detoxification cure

Detoxification is the key to deep healing. If we trace back the causes of our patients' illnesses, we almost always come across an accumulation of toxins (ama) in the first instance. This does not have to be due to poor diet and lifestyle. Emotional, mental and spiritual events can also underlie this.

Without doubts of philosophy and religion, we can say without a doubt: The body is our most valuable vehicle and is not replaceable. This should suggest that we pay at least as much attention to its well-being as we do to our cars, homes and clothes.

Panchakarma cure - the flagship of Ayurveda

Ayurvedische TherapieThe finely tuned Ayurvedic detoxification cure (Panchakarma)is unique in this field and enables a deep cleansing of the organism.  Prevention and healing are equally pursued.

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Traditional procedure of an Ayurveda Detox cure

Through diet and herbal intake, the digestive tract is first put in order, i.e. freed from waste products. After all, it is the main motor for the recovery of the entire organism.

There are two types of toxins:

  • Water-soluble: Excretion via kidneys
  • through urine. Fat-soluble: for this, oil (ghee) is administered internally. This penetrates into the deeper tissues and combines with the fat-soluble toxins. It is ultimately to be excreted through the stool.

Only when the intestines are cleared of waste products can the administered oils (ghee) be given and penetrate into deeper layers. After that, the more distant areas are approached through massages, sweating treatments, herbal ingestions. Intestinal evacuation through herbal laxatives (Virechan) is done only when the digestive fire (Agni) is high enough.

The laxative day is followed by cleansing and nourishing Ayurvedic enemas (bastis) in alternation. After the digestive fire has decreased again through the laxative day, the wind energy (Vata) gets more space. And we regulate this increased Vata with the bastis and at the same time rebuild the cleansed tissues.

In order to give a long and healthy life a higher chance, we have to penetrate into the mentioned secluded areas and thus ensure the space for the inner flow. For this we need such a sophisticated system that Ayurveda offers.

Ayurveda has been the traditional Indian system of medicine for a good 5000 years. It reveals the connections in the human being between body, mind and soul and thus views him or her holistically. The flagship of Ayurveda is the sophisticated system of detoxification (Panchakarma). This measure is intended to prevent disease, heal the root of disease and ultimately promote a long, happy and healthy life.