ayurvedic detox cure

This cleansing cure is at the heart of Ayurvedic healing and is a deep holistic detoxification. It is the key to healing serious chronic diseases as well as to maintaining health for a long time.

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10 Days Detox Programme +:

5 days of preparation - 10 days of intensive cleansing - 7 days of tissue building and rejuvenation. In total, it is a 22-day cure.

The three phases:

  • Breaking and softening of toxins
  • Deep cleansing and purification
  • Rebuilding and rejuvenation of the tissues

Take the chance and create clarity in body - mind and soul.

7 Days Detox Programme +:

2 preparation days - 7 intensive cleaning days - 2 build-up days. In total it is an 11 day cure.
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